About us

FILEF – Federazione Italiana Lavoratori Emigrati e Famiglie 15 lowe st

Filef, the Federation of Italian Migrant Workers and Families, is a non-profit, progressive community organisation established in Australia in 1972. Its key objective is to promote a multicultural Australia which values the heritage and culture of all Australians. It’s a voluntary organisation and to achieve its aims it organises a variety of activities for all those who are interested in the Italian language and culture, and in social issues, whether they are of Italian background or not.

Filef also provides a forum for those who strive for a more just and ecologically sustainable society. A society that is democratic and inclusive. We also organise cultural and social evenings, public meetings and campaigns focused on current social issues.

Filef publishes a bilingual monthly magazine, Nuovo Paese. It is available through subscription and provides in-depth commentary and analysis of Australian, Italian and international news.